Thursday , 2 April 2015

Dubai Abaya Collection 2013 | Arabian Abaya Fashion Designs | Islamic Abaya Dresses 2013-2014

In the fashion field of pakistan before few years Muslim women show interest to get Abayas and worn as a covered on dresses but these days Abayas are used in looking like a dress for women.Abaya and Hijaab are used as Muslim costume of Middle East and South Asia for mostly in muslims .In this collection Abaya Dresses are mostly worn in Muslim community for women and along with pakistan in all over the world its in demand .These days abayas having many designs and different patterns as same like the other clothing styles .As well you know fashion get rise in demanding so in addition Abaya designs having much change day by day.

For that kind of wearing different countries having different abaya patterns which unique styles .So in this collection we have brought Dubai Abaya collection 2013 which is collected by a world famous brand DAS.For this brand the founders are Reem and Belja fla this exclusive Abaya clothing brand .DAS is a Dubai based brand which was worked in this field from 2008 .As well you know Muslim women are feeling unsecure or want a safety cover when they were out in public places.So the problem has been solved and now you can find stunning range of embroidered abaya designs which is good looking and give u a cover and safity.Most over the women live or work in Foreign like UAE cities or in any part of the world now easil get these type of abayas .Das offers spring summer abaya designs and really in demanding due to its fabric given according to the current running season and make you relex.


  1. is this particularly arabian style?

  2. Can some one pls guide me where to get this abaya from, and how to order them


    Best regards

  3. bonjour je voudrai connaitre le prix de cette abaya
    merci beaucoup

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